Karmia – Tuhka (EP)


Released: 28/04/2017  FIN  |

TUHKA” EP is the second release from the Finnish rock band KARMIA after changing their lyrics from English to Finnish. In the early 2010’s while forming the band they took influences from the Japanese Visual Kei scene, but have recently shifted closer towards their melancholic Finnish roots. Before the recent language change KARMIA warmed up shows for a few Visual Kei artist’s visiting Finland, performed at Anime conventions and released a bunch of self-financed songs and videos in English and even in Japanese. After releasing a single called “Mistakes” combining English and Finnish lyrics together in one song, their native one started to feel more appealing. “After a long search we feel we have found our own style. Welcome to the world of KARMIA, where you can always see the dark at the end of the tunnel”, comments the band’s lead guitarist ANA.

Source: Inverse Records

Okay, at the first sight upon the band’s name, I thought this band’s gonna be a Maj Karma tribute, but I’m taking that back. I never said that! My bad!
But hey, that mishap of mine actually lead me to take a closer look at Karmia, which is another band from Finland you probably never heard of, but should. At least once.
Now, today marks the release of Karmia’s second EP which is called “Tuhka” (“Ashes” – And that’s it with the translations I’m willing to provide at this time of day) and what about we go checking it out?

You’ll find four tracks on the EP and the title-giving opener will remind you of the “typical” Finnish Gothic-ish Rock sound, that became popular mainly outside Finland around 2006. The structure is clear and the chorus can be described as thoroughly catchy. It will throw you down the memory lane from eleven years ago, when every Finnish band you knew at the time sounded similarly. But back to the track again!
Something like this wouldn’t have worked in English and Karmia took indeed a very courageous decision by stepping over to Finnish.
I checked out the band’s English material too, by the way. That didn’t really cut it, so yeah… Finnish is the more natural choice here!

It continues with “Kirous” which is an energetic track that shows Karmia from a different perspective. It’s that one gentle in-your-face track you can always make a statement with. It’s a strong one.
Syytän sua kaikesta” didn’t necessarily bring anything surprising with it. It was a solid thing that won’t disappoint you at all in any way.
For those readers who desperately need some other Finnish band to compare Karmia to, I’d say 51koodia comes kinda close, but not entirely.
Let’s say Karmia sounds like Karmia. As simple as it is. I don’t like comparisons all too much.

And then we reach the last track of “Tuhka”. It’s “Tunteesta toiseen” and… This just works! It’s on a similar level as “Kirous”, maybe even better. And you know what? Just go and take a listen for yourself. The EP is on Spotify now!


To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised by this band. The music is fun listening to, even though I normally prefer more experimental and progressive stuff. You can hear that the band worked on the songwriting, especially when you compare the English material, for example. The vocal lines would need a tiny bit of work as most of them felt too static and predictable for my taste, but that doesn’t make “Tuhka” less of a solid EP.  
Karmia is an interesting choice for every fan of Finnish Rock music who feels like knowing every single band out there already. It might not be innovative, but a good time is guaranteed! 

Take a listen: 

Personal favorites:
Tunteesta toiseen

★★★★☆ // GOOD.

Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2017.


Mew – Visuals


Released: 28/04/2017  DEN |

The most surprising announcement of 2017 came, when the Danish Alternative band Mew revealed that they’ll be bringing a new album out… This album’s name is “Visuals” and it came only two years after “Plus Minus” – You know, the band usually took years between records.
Anyway, today we’re gonna check out “Visuals” and you should stick with us in case you want to know more.
And just as you, we don’t know what’s coming at us. So… What kind of visuals do Mew have on their mind?

The opener titled “Nothingness And No Regrets” (Yes, that’s just one of the many interesting song titles on this album) is magical in the way it doesn’t sound like much at first. But then we get the distinctive Mew-styled drumming and it kinda turns to the better. It’s nothing in the likes of “Frengers” and “The Glass Handed Kites” – the records I fell in love with several years ago…
But it’s indeed interesting. Will “Visuals” be more than expected?
The Wake Of Your Life” continues and… Yeah, it was a pleasant surprise. This funky piece will probably make you fall in love with the band’s signature sound. But it doesn’t bring anything all too new with it. An okay track. It won’t disappoint you.
And even though it’s not entirely five minutes… It seems like an eternity in the end. Is that a positive thing? You decide.  

Even though you don’t expect this song to be what it is, “Candy Pieces All Smeared Out” is actually the biggest highlight of the record. It gets all dramatic here and it’s probably the most Metal song I ever heard by Mew… Or… Let’s just say it’s really heavy. Didn’t expect something like this ever happening on “Visuals”. Pure love!
With “In A Better Place” things get shoegazey and nice. Again, that’s the softer side of this Danish band. The vulnerable side that doesn’t want to hurt no one.
It’s time for even more questionable song titles. Yay! The song’s name is “Ay Ay Ay” (Imagine someone saying this on the radio when announcing this track) and… Why are the songs with the weirdest titles the best ones? The guitar sound is pure form of magic. Well, just take a listen to this one. It’s just… Different. In a strangely cool way. Ayyyyyyy…

Visuals” will cause your mood to drop a little while listening to “Learn Our Crystals”. It just goes up and down like a rollercoaster and I fucking hate rollercoasters… Let’s say it goes up and down like… I don’t know, actually… There’s nothing much special about this track. It didn’t get my attention and the brass-part was kinda… Reasonable.
Twin Quest” is another track that is promising in the beginning, but turns out to be kinda – sorry – boring. Yes, the band indeed tried something new on this record, but sometimes things don’t work out much for other people… There’s simply nothing special here… It’s just dragging around of things that should kinda be left on “+ –”. Uninspired choruses, for example.  And could you get rid of that saxophone already?

Mew lacked a good and memorable vocal performance by their lead vocalist Jonas Bjerre on “Visuals” and we’re getting it on “Shoulders”. Nice enough!
And one of the first sneak peaks Mew gave us before releasing “Visuals” is called “85 Videos”, sure you know that. We shared it on our page. It’s perfectly fine. Nothing that would throw you from the couch, but… It’s a cool track that is very memorable for its synth hook and chorus. FINALLY! It took nine tracks to hear a hit-song.
What happens on “Zanzibar” should probably stay in Zanzibar forever, but what did I expect anyway? And to come to an end with this review, I have to admit that the very first release off “Visuals” was indeed quite underwhelming. I’m talking about “Carry Me To Safety”, but in the end it makes up a very nice ending to the album. It makes everything a bit more bearable.
And what are the impressions on “Visuals”? Mixed as fuck.


Mew are a band that does not really set any boundaries when it comes to musical styles. During their career they went from energetic and statement-making Indie Rock to Progressive Art Rock and more currently the band is experimenting with Dream Pop with elements of all kinds.
That’s something that should be appreciated, cause… It would be boring to hear the same sound over and over again and that’s why I’m actually fond of this band.

Visuals” is a chapter on it’s own. You can’t really draw parallels from other releases by Mew. You might have the feeling that you’ve heard something similar before somewhere, but you don’t know why and you don’t really care. There are two really interesting tracks you should care about and the rest is… Well, either you’ll sit through it and analyze everything you hear, or you’ll pass it on.
Clearly, Mew is not a band to please everyone and that’s perfectly fine.
And who knows how “Visuals” would sound like if the band would take another five-year break in between?

Anyway… It’s a record you should definitely check out if you’re the kind of listener that wants to think about the music to possibly get a deeper meaning.
I think “Visuals” can be approved. It just needs time and understanding.

Take a Listen:

Personal favorites:

  • Candy Pieces All Smeared Out 
  • Ay Ay Ay
  • 85 Videos
  • Carry Me To Safety

★★★★★★★☆☆☆ //  Good. Everything is beautiful.

Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2017.

How to write a Presskit for your band. Or not…

Hello there, we’re back with a new video! 

This time, it’s about how to write the perfect promotion email for your up and coming band, including Top 10 worst and most entertaining examples of how it shouldn’t be done. 

There are different ways how to approach writing promo mails pitched at webzines, promoters, etc. and an exaggerated description of your band is one way of killing the good first impression. 

Keep in mind that these videos are for entertaining purposes and the clickbait is usually strong with these. So have a good time and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Satellite Stories live in Munich.


“Eben erst haben Satellite Stories uns mit ihrem grandiosen Party-Sound begeistert. Bei den zwei ausverkauften Konzerten in Hamburg und Berlin ließen Sänger und Gitarrist Esa Mankinen, Leadgitarrist Marko Heikkinen, Bassist Jyri Pesonen und Olli-Pekka Ervasti an den Drums keinen Stein auf dem anderen. Mit ihrem unwiderstehlichen Charme und dem Talent für fröhliche Indie-Pop-Perlen hat der Vierer unsere Clubs in schweißnasse Tanzhallen verwandelt. Jetzt haben die Finnen ihre neue Platte „Young Detectives“ für den Mai angekündigt.”

Get your dancing shoes ready, because… You’ll need them soon! 
The Finnish Indie Pop group Satellite Stories is returning to Germany for a couple of shows this fall and the band’s first stop will lead them to Munich’s coolest venue aka STROM! 

Keep the following date in mind and in case you missed the news, the new album is coming out on 12th May. You’re welcome!

Monday, 23/10/2017 – STROM, Munich (GER)

Tickets available from 26/04/2017!

Source: FKP Scorpio

Dallas Kalevala reveal “Ass Of Icon” – first single coming May 5th!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned YDP-Reader or whether you stumbled across our website by accident… One thing is for sure – you’ll ask yourself the following question upon reading this article’s title: “What the hell is Dallas Kalevala and why should I care?”
Fortunately, we have an answer for that:

Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen (of Lapko, ed.) have been working on new music in various places, including Berlin, Reykjavik and Kokemäki, to name just a few. The journey they have taken has provoked them to discard safe old routines and find new surprising paths.The song Ass of Icon, released on the band’s website today, gives a small taste of what’s about to come.
The first official single Animal Magnetism will be released on May 5th 2017.“

Source: VILD Music

Now that I got your attention and you finally have an idea what this is all about, let’s take an in-depth look at ”Ass Of Icon“. Sounds like an idea, right?

It’s almost like this track has two faces. It’s something that either will or will not meet all your expectations you had for this project called Dallas Kalevala.
It’s something you’ll learn to love and it’s something you’ll probably despise on the first listen. There’s either love or hate. It all depends on you, your views and your taste.

It’s an in-your-face statement with no in-betweens.
It’s something you’ll want to party to… Something to listen while getting wasted on your own. The perfect track for tailgating on German motorways (Yes, tried that few hours ago. Worked perfectly!).

And also, this track is verstörend in the most verstörend way possible – just to use my favorite German word. (Note: "verstörend” means something like “sick”, but that doesn’t make justice to the meaning of “verstörend”. That language is wonderful.)
Ass Of Icon” is some trippy stuff, I’m telling you.

While writing this article, I got curious to know what people (non-insiders) from Austria, Czech Republic and the US think about the very first song Dallas Kalevala shared with the world.
Here are a few first-impression feedbacks I collected for this occasion:

“Now that was quite promising.”
– Pavel, Prague (CZ)

“I think it’s disturbing to mix religion and sex. 
But the sound is crazy and that’s okay, I guess. It’s just not my cup of tea.”
– Denise, Linz (AT)

“ *seen message* ”
– Earl, Albemarle – NC (USA)

“Wow, that was hardcore. *insert surprised emoji here*”
– Bianca, Salzburg (AT)

“It’s catchy, but too hard for my head.”
– Sabine, Breda (NL)

“Sounded like a wild porno soundtrack. Best modern-day Techno I heard in a long time.”
– Mike, Prague (CZ)

Besides all of that, “Ass Of Icon” kinda sounds like a full-on hammered version of Gudrun Gut from the times when she was still doing good Electronic music (e.g. “Firething”) back in the 90s. Yeah, the Berlin style rubbed off really well here and… Did anyone say Berghain?!

While the world might not be 100% ready for this, we all can only look forward what the first single release “Animal Magnetism” will bring in a few days.
Enough talking now. Check out the track below. 

People who don’t like flashing elements should consider themselves warned.

From Prague (once again) with love and the first New Music Post actually written by herself,
M. Nyman-Sramkova

Amorphis to play in Wörgl this September!


1990 in Helsinki gegründet, schrieben die aus Finnland stammenden Melancholic Metal-Meister AMORPHIS Musikgeschichte und veröffentlichten Klassiker-Alben wie z.B. ihr Debüt “The Karelian Isthmus” (1992), ihre Durchbruchsplatte “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” (1994) und “Eclipse” (2006), ihre erste Scheibe mit dem neuen Sänger Tomi Joutsen, die den Beginn einer neuen Ära in der Bandgeschichte einläutete.

Im Jahre 2015 begannen AMORPHIS mit den Feierlichkeiten zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum von “Tales From The Thousand Lakes”, das die Massen noch heute begeistert. Ihren erbarmungslosen Tournee-Plan unbeachtet, zogen sie sich damals heimlich ins Studio zurück, um ihr neues, zwölftes Studioalbum zu schreiben und mit dem schwedischen Produzenten Jens Bogren in dessen Fascination Street Studio in Örebro aufzunehmen. Das Ergebnis dieser zweimonatigen Aufnahmen war einmal mehr ein hartes, melodisches Statement:  "Under The Red Cloud“.

Can we have your attention for a moment? We have an announcement to make. 
Finland’s finest Metal band Amorphis will return to Wörgl during the 2017 leg of their “Under The Red Cloud” Tour. 

So, in case you missed this band on their first show in Wörgl back in 2015, here’s your chance: 

Saturday, 02/09/2017 – Komma, Wörgl (AT)

Tickets available now via komma.at!

Source: KOMMA Wörgl

New Delay Trees video out!

Good evening, everyone! Have you checked out the new video for “Hope” by Delay Trees, taken from their brand new album “Let Go” (Check out our review HERE, if you haven’t already)? 

If not, make sure to do so. It’s lovely. And there are cute animals too. What’s not to love? 

Dead by April – Worlds Collide


Released: 07/04/2017  SWE  |

Dead by April are back with a brand new record! Three years after the release of “Let The World Know”, the Swedish Modern Metal band is ready to make the worlds collide with an album named… Try guessing it… “Worlds Collide”!
In those three years, the band went through some changes in the line-up, the most notable one being the departure of their vocalist in 2014 and yes, you can still find some people who are whining about that – but now, Dead by April seem to be stronger than ever before.
So… What can you expect from the band’s fourth album “Worlds Collide”? Keep on reading to find out more!

Crying Over You” is the title of the opener and as much as everything about this record seems to be a deal-changer, Dead by April stay true to their style. An unique blend of Metalcore with Pop melodies. The chorus of “Crying Over You” is rather catchy, but the track lacks on hooks, that would make it actually memorable. To be honest, we all expected to hear something darker from them… But who knows? We’re still at the very beginning.
Track number two bears the name “I Can’t Breathe” and yes, I think it’s evident that Dead by April tried to go into a more Electronic direction with “Worlds Collide”. And this song… Was okay at best. It has potential though.

Some familiar intro can be heard and this time, it belongs to “Playing With Fire”. There’s something more Industrial about this one but if you want to hear something more exciting, look out for the next  track. “Warrior” is the third single taken off “Worlds Collide” and belongs to the more enjoyable pieces on this record. At least this one managed to get our expectations for “Worlds Collide” up.
Warrior” is followed by another single-track. It’s “Breaking Point” and yes, that one is the highlight of the whole album. The chorus of “Breaking Point” is also the most spectacular one you’ll hear here, just saying.
Afterwards, there’s another single waiting for you and here we are at the end of the single-track-block of the record, “My Heart Is Crushable” being the most disappointing one. Is it just me, or are the choir parts really annoying? I mean… I really enjoyed the feel of the chorus, but the choir just fucked it up. Sorry.

A minor surprise comes along with “Can You See The Red”. Just go and check it out yourself. The chorus is so cheesy it gets quite awesome. It’s a fun track that actually made my day.  
And Dead by April wanting to break, break, break my face is everything, but not believable.
Our Worlds Collide” is the song that proves, that Dead by April are better off with Pontus Hjelm at clean vocals. Definitely make sure to take a listen to this one too. It’s probably the best track on this record right next to “Breaking Point”.

The clean vocals are set aside on “This Is My Life” though, offering a nice diversity… Only if there would be more tracks like this. It’s nice to change things up a bit, you know.
Perfect The Way You Are” follows, reminding you of something that could’ve been taken out from the band’s debut album. It’s Dead by April as we all know them. Nothing new is waiting for you here. And it looks like we’re getting closer to the end of “Worlds Collide”… “For Every Step” featuring Tommy Körberg is the final track on this record and if you missed a true what-the-hell-did-I-hear-now?-experience on “Worlds Collide”, here it is. That wasn’t a Dead by April song, right?
Well… Whatever… It’s a cool one nevertheless!


The feelings about “Worlds Collide” are mixed. You will be confronted to a bunch unspectacular melodies, a handful of semi-sing-along choruses and transparent songwriting where you can foresee every step the music takes.
There is no real hit-song to be found, but that wouldn’t be the problem. Nobody cares about hit-songs anyway… Mostly, we’ve heard all of what you can find on “Worlds Collide” on the band’s older material. There are some honorable mentions like “Our Worlds Collide” for example, but generally seen, this record won’t surprise you at all. Especially if you’re already familiar with Dead by April for years.

Worlds Collide” is indeed heavier than the band’s previous records, but unfortunately it lacked in diversity big times, making it rather underwhelming.
But it’s a solid record nevertheless, but not exactly the first one you should check out if you want to know what Dead by April is all about.
Well, I’m sure “Worlds Collide” will grow on us, right?

Take a Listen:

Personal Favorites:

  • Breaking Point
  • Can You See The Red
  • Our Worlds Collide

★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ // OK. A solid record.

Written by YDP-Collective. April 2017.

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