Unzyme – Transplant

Released: 20/05/2017  FIN  |

News from Finland once again! Unzyme from Jyväskylä is quite notorious for their unconventional concept of Biomechanical Pop and wearing lab coats. That’s what makes this band’s image so memorable. Combining catchy and energetic melodies with deep lyrics to electronic soundscapes, Unzyme has just released their third album “Transplant” and let’s not waste any time, we’re gonna check it out and tell you what we think.

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Leprous and Agent Fresco live in Munich this November!


Erstmals seit ihrer erfolgreichen Frühjahrs-Tour im Vorprogramm von Devin Towsend werden Leprous wieder nach Deutschland kommen. Die norwegische Progressive Metal-Band hat vier Shows im Oktober/November 2017 bestätigt, um ihr im Herbst erscheinendes, noch unbetiteltes Album (InsideOut/Century Media) live vorzustellen.

Leprous just announced the release of their upcoming album “Malina” (Release: 25th August) as well as an extensive Eurotour together with the special guest Agent Fresco and the supporting acts Alithia and Astrosaur

We think this is enough of a guarantee for an evening full with quality music, so this event shouldn’t be missed. Save the date: 

Friday, 17/11/2017, STROM – Munich (GER)

Tickets available now! 
Source: Global Concerts GmbH

Satellite Stories – Young Detectives

Release: 12/05/2017  FIN  |

We surely informed you about the Indie Pop troupe Satellite Stories (from Oulu) releasing a brand new record this May. Well, here we are, all ready to share our opinion about the band’s fourth record “Young Detectives” with all of you.
I think we all know what to expect, but we’re looking forward like never before.

Keep in mind: Satellite Stories also announced a tour not so long ago and we’re happy to remind you that they’re gonna play in Munich this October, but you can find more on that somewhere over here

Having said that… Let’s begin, we got twelve tracks to check out!

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Dallas Kalevala release debut single “Animal Magnetism”

Animal Magnetism is a positively charged outburst of the animal within. The post modern human being is a medley of evergrowing conscious layers and the longing for the intuitive, living substance and immorality.
Animal Magnetism is the first song that Jussi Matikainen and Ville Malja wrote together, and it paved the way for Dallas Kalevala’s first steps.”

Source: VILD Music

It’s not too long ago since we talked about “Ass Of Icon” (It’s all HERE in case you missed it) – A track that served you as a small sample of what you can expect from this Finnish duo called Dallas Kalevala

But let’s forget about how questionable the previous track was at first, okay? The first official single “Animal Magnetism” just dropped today and in case you thought that Dallas Kalevala is absolutely NOTHING for you… Well, this single gives you the chance to think twice. 

Other than that, it’s funky, it’s hotter than the sun and it’s catchy as fuck. Trust us and be sure to check it out.  

Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift

Released: 05/05/2017  USA  |

We don’t really write about American bands over here. I don’t know why. I’m actually afraid of Americans. But hey, Motionless In White released a new album, why shouldn’t we go and check it out too?
This band hinted a new record back in Summer 2016 with the release of the single “570” and later that year they announced a design contest where people could submit a cover for “Graveyard Shift”… Talking about that… Oops, I just noticed I used the wrong artwork for this record…

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New DEMOTIONAL single out now!

Look! Here’s another cool Swedish band you should look out for in case you’re into Modern Metal with some seriously catchy tunes. 

DEMOTIONAL just released a brand new song the other day, called “Ashes” and it’s taken off their upcoming record “Discovery” (Release: 27/05!) and we can’t wait to discover everything this record has to offer. 

So keep your eyes open for this one!

Mammút release first single off new album “Kinder Versions”

One of our favorite Icelandic bands is back with a brand new single called “Breathe Into Me” taken from their upcoming fourth album “Kinder Versions” which is set to come out on 14th July! 

This is also the first time you can hear Mammút with English lyrics (Ok, the actual first time was on the 2015 EP “Rivers End”) and hell… We enjoy it very much! 

So in case you need some fresh music for this day… “Breathe Into Me” is the right track for you! 

Apocalyptica plays Metallica by four cellos live in Innsbruck!


Am 10. Mai 1996 veröffentlichten APOCALYPTICA ihr legendäres Debütalbum «Plays Metallica By Four Cellos». Das unkonventionelle Metal-Cello Oeuvre der vier Finnen machte in der Szene schnell von sich reden und gilt bis heute als einzigartig. Dieses Album stellte eine absolute Premiere dar: Vier junge Finnen, die für ihre Abschlussprüfung im Fach Violoncello an der renommierten Sibelius-Akademie METALLICA-Songs für ihr Instrument arrangiert hatten, spielten Titel ihrer Lieblingsband METALLICA für ein Album nun klassisch arrangiert ein—und schufen ein neues Genre.

Yes, you heard it, beautiful people of Innsbruck! Probably one of Finland’s most popular bands is coming your way soon, celebrating 20 years from the release of their debut album, so make sure to mark the following date in your calendars, because this band’s live show is something you don’t want to miss. 

Friday, 07/07/2017 – Music Hall, Innsbruck (AT)

Tickets available now through oeticket.com
Source: Blue Moon Entertainment

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